Wine Regions of Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is divided into five distinct Wine growing regions.

  • Eastern Region / Black Sea
  • Northern region / Danubian Plain
  • Southern Region / Thracian Lowland
  • South Western Region / Struma River Valley
  • Sub Balkan Region / Rose Valley

Bulgaria has two areas for the production of regional wines: Danube Plain and Thracian Valley.

Bulgaria Wine Classifications

There are 52 regions for production of wine with Guaranteed and Controlled Appellation of Origin (G.C.A.O.)

Guaranteed and Controlled
Appellation of OriginProvinceWine Region
Black Sea Region NorthRegionEastern Region
South Coast Region RegionEastern Region
Valley Of the StrumaRegionSouth Western Region
Sakar MountainHaskovoSouthern Region
Evksinograd, Summer palace VarnaEastern Region
AsenovgradPlovdivSouthern Region
BolyarovoYambolSub Balkan Region
BrestnikPlovdivSouthern Region
DragoevoShumenEastern Region
Han KrumShumenEastern Region
HarsovoRuseNorthern region
HaskovoHaskovoSouthern Region
HissarPlovdivSouthern Region
IvaylovgradHaskovoSouthern Region
KarlovoPlovdivSub Balkan Region
KarnobatBurgasSub Balkan Region
LomMontanaNorthern Region
LovechLovechNorthern Region
LozitsaPlevenNorthern Region
LyaskovetsVeliko TarnovoNorthern Region
LyubimetsHaskovoSouthern Region
MelnikBlagoevgradSouth Western Region
MontanaMontanaNorthern Region
Nova ZagoraSlivenSub Balkan Region
Novi PazarShumenEastern Region
Novo SeloVidinNorthern region
OryahovitsaStara ZagoraSub Balkan Region
PavlikeniVeliko Tarnovo Northern Region
PazardzhikPazardzhikSouthern Region
PerushtitsaPlovdivSouthern Region
PlevenPlevenNorthern region
PlovdivPlovdivSouthern Region
PomorieBurgasEastern Region
RuseRuseNorthern Region
SandanskiBlagoevgradSouth Western Region
SeptemvriitsiPazardzhikSouthern Region
ShivachevoSlivenSub Balkan Region
ShumenShumenEastern Region
SlavyantsiBurgas Eastern Region
SlivenSlivenSub Balkan Region
StambolovoHaskovoSouthern Region
Stara ZagoraStara ZagoraSouthern Region
SuhindolVeliko TarnovoNorthern region
SungurlareBurgasEastern Region
SvishtovVeliko TarnovoNorthern region
TargovishteTargovishteEastern Region
VarbitsaShumenEastern Region
VarnaVarnaEastern Region
Veliki PreslavShumenEastern Region
VidinVidinNorthern region
VratsaVratsaNorthern region
YambolYambolSub Balkan Region
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