Map of Oceania

For all sense of purpose, continents are the principal land masses of this earth. In this case that would make Australia the continent and Oceania a geographic region that includes the Australian continent, New Zealand, twelve island nations and additionally, a number of overseas dependencies and territories of other nations.

The geographic region of Oceania is located in the southern hemisphere. It covers a total area of 8,568,250 sq km and has an estimated 2013 population of 35,830,111.

Oceania Wine Regions

Australia and New Zealand are the two main grape growing and wine producing areas in Oceania. Together they account for a total of 1323660 metric tons of wine production. Tahiti is another location in Oceania that grows grapes and has at least one commercial winery.

Country Capital Location Continent Size Sq KM Pop 2013
Australia Canberra Oceania Oceania 7,741,220 22,015,576
Fiji Suva Oceania Oceania 18,274 890,057
Kiribati Tarawa Oceania Oceania 811 101,998
Marshall Islands Majuro Oceania Oceania 181 68,480
Micronesia Palikir Oceania Oceania 702 106,487
Nauru Yaren Oceania Oceania 21 9,378
New Zealand Wellington Oceania Oceania 267,710 4,327,944
Palau Koror Oceania Oceania 459 21,032
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby     Oceania Oceania 462,840 6,310,129
Samoa Apia Oceania Oceania 2,831 194,320
Solomon Islands Honiara Oceania Oceania 28,896 584,578
Tonga Nuku'alofa Oceania Oceania 747 106,146
Tuvalu Funafuti Oceania Oceania 26 10,619
Vanuatu Port-Vila Oceania Oceania 12,189 256,155
American Samoa Pago Pago USA Oceania 199 54,947
Cook Islands Avarua New Zealand Oceania 236 10,777
Coral Sea Islands Australia Oceania 3
French Polynesia Papeete France Oceania 4,167 274,512
Guam Hagatna USA Oceania 544 159,914
New Caledonia Noumea France Oceania 18,575 260,166
Northern Mariana Islands      Saipan USA Oceania 464 51,395
Pitcairn Islands Adamstown Britain Oceania 47 48
US Pacific Isl USA Oceania 6,959.00
Wake Island USA Oceania 6.5
Wallis and Futuna Mata-Utu France Oceania 142 15,453
Total 8,568,250 35,830,111

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