World Map

There are seven continents in this world:
Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania.

Wine is made on all but one of these continents. Therefore,
our "World of Wine" consist out of the following six Continents

Most commonly, grapes are used for wine, but wine is an alcoholic beverage made of the fermented juice of fruits, flowers, roots and shoots of plants. Wine can be made of a variety of plants and fruits, and as such we also included fruit, sake and mead wineries. If anyone can point us to a "wild onion wine" producing individual, that does so in commercial volume, we will gladly add it to our listings.

Tourism/Area Information

Main area tourism and additional wine/region information can be found in categories of this directory related to the area the info is offered for.

Wine Festivals, Tours and Tasting

Information for events and services offered is found in various places throughout the directory in categories related to the area the information is offered for.


Links to wine related stories and articles are listed through out the directory . Look for Country or area wine related news in the respective categories on the right side of the page.

World Wine Facts
  • Over 50% of the World's vineyard acreage is located within Europe.
  • Asia comes in second with over 20% of vine yard acreage planted.
  • Europe produces the most grapes used for wine.
  • The Americas produce the second largest amount of Wine grapes
  • Per capita the most wine is consumed in the Vatican City State.
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