With a total area of 1.16 million hectares, Spain has the largest area of vine cultivation in the European Union. Over 97% of these grapes are used for the production of wine.

Spain Wine classifications

Vinos de Pago - VP (Estate Wines)
Single estate wine. The wine is made on one property in one small area.

Vinos de Denominacion de Origen Calificada - DOCa (Qualified Denomination of Origin Wines)
Only La Rioja and Priorat wine regions have DOCa status. The wines must be bottled in the wine region.

Vinos de Denominacion de Origen - DO (Denomination of Origin Wines)
DO is the second highest wine classification in Spain

Vinos de Calidad con Indicacion Geografica- VC (Quality Wines with a Geographical Indication)
The VC status is one step above the Vinos de la Tierra classification. With time they should become a DO wine region.

Vinos de la Tierra -VT Country Wines
Wines from regions with no DO status as yet, but with an identifiable regional character.

Vinos de Mesa- VM Table Wines
Wines made from grapes from unclassified areas or blended from different classified areas. Usually these wines have no vintage.

Vino Comarcal (VC)
Wines made outside of recognized areas.

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