Croatia Wine Growing Regions

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Croatia has two main wine regions: Continental (Kontinetalna) and
Coastal (Primorska), which includes the islands. These two are divided into 12 sub regions.

Primorska Hrvatska --Coastal Croatia

  • Podre-gija Istra -- Istra
  • Podre-gija Hrvatsko Primorje--Croatian Coast
  • Podre-gija Sjeverna Dalmacija--Northern Dalmatia
  • Podre-gija Dalmatinska Zagora--Dalmatian Interior
  • Podre-gija Sred-nja i Južna Dalmacija--Central and South Dalmatia
  • (Podre-gija-Sub region)

Kontinentalna Hrvatska-- Continental Croatia

  • Podre-gija Zagorje - Medimurje
  • Podre-gija Plešivica
  • Podre-gija Prigorje - Bilogora
  • Podre-gija Pokup-lje
  • Podre-gija Moslavina
  • Podre-gija Slavonija
  • Podre-gija Podunav-lje

Croation Wine Classifications

Protected designation of origin (ZOI)
Protected geographical indications (ZOZP)

Table Wines

- Table wine without a geographical indication,
- Table wine with geographical indication,

Quality Wines

- Quality wine with a geographical indication

Superior Quality Wines

- High quality wine with controlled and limited wine-growing areas,
- High quality wine with controlled and limited specific wine-growing areas,
- Predicate wines with geographic origin.

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