Map of Japan Wine Regions

Japan is an island country in northeastern Asia between the North Pacific and the Sea of Japan. It consist of four main islands and more than 4,000 smaller islands. Tokyo is the capital. Japan's climate ranges from tropical in the south to a cool temperate climate in the north.

Wine Classifications

Traditionally known for Sake and Plum wines, wine made from grapes is gaining popularity in Japan. Some regions are starting to implement some kind of scheme but officially there are no classifications for quality Japanese wines on a national basis.

Wine Regions

High humidity and rainfall are just two of the challenges the Japanese wine growers face, but we find wine grape growing throughout Japan. The largest concentration of wineries can be found in Yamanashi. Nagano, Yamagata, and Hokkaido are the next three largest growing areas.


With Japan known for Sake (rice wine) we have also included a category for Sake producers in Japan.

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